Summer News from LDTP Members!

Sister company to LDTP, EluzArtes, started by Eluza Santo in Brazil, received a grant to bring LDTP to Brazil on a project to include both companies. This year, Eva Tessler came to Brazil to create a work for EluzArtes. A single performance was planned, and then last minute, another was added due to the overwhelming audience response! 

Eva Tessler, Eluza Santo and Licia Perea will conduct movement theater workshops that will conclude with an informal public performance on Friday 8/31/12 at the Downtown Women’s Center. 
Last month, Licia was invited by the Network for Ensemble Theaters (NET) to do a short presentation for the Latina Dance Theater Project at their local meeting in Los Angeles. Five companies from LA, San Francisco and Portland gave presentations about their companies. The thrust of NET is theaters that are working and creating in a collaborative method whether locally or long distance.


Juanita Suarez interviewed Merian Soto in Philadelphia; the focus of her interview centered on her creative history as a modern choreographer, her relationship with Puerto Rican contemporary dance, and the NYC dance scene during the 1970’s. Suarez attended National Dance Education Organization’s Dance 2050 in Philadelphia, held at Temple University in May. She was accompanied by Marielys Burgos Melendez, an MA dance graduate from Puerto Rico.  Dance 2050 was a symposium involving 40 invited dance scholars, gathering together to discuss the future of dance in higher education, a variety of relevant issues surfaced.  There was a consensus amongst all involved that additional symposiums were needed to continue the dialogue. Suarez volunteered to host Dance 2050 May 21-24th, 2013 at the College at Brockport.  As faculty advisor for the NDEO Brockport Student Chapter, Suarez will moderate the symposium which will be based on the future of leadership in dance in higher education. Suarez attended a performance featuring three Puerto Rican choreographers at Mark’s Church in NYC on May 18th and met Arthur Aviles, the future host for LDTP’s performances at BAAD Theater. Suarez also met and connected with Nydia Padilla-Rodriguez, director of Borinquen Puerto Rican Dance Theater July 31st.  Borinquen Dance Theatre helps youth build the desire to succeed through the discipline of dance.  The intention of the meeting was to establish an ongoing internship for College at Brockport graduate dance education students as well as a working relationship with the company.  Classes will be presented at two different public schools in Rochester, NY as well as at Hochstein School of Music.  Additional summer classes in theater and interdisiciplinary arts will also take place at the College at Brockport Metro Center in downtown Rochester. Suarez then attended New York State Dance Educators Association at the University of Buffalo August 1, 2012.  The forum addressed a variety of issues concerning dance in the region.  The forum also made possible future connections within the region. Suarez will present two lectures addressing cognitive, kinesthetic and social connectivity for young learners through Brain-Based Dance training for the Hunter Institute, sponsored by the College at Brockport, September 29th. 



About latinadanceproject

The Latina Dance Project, a collaborative ensemble of multidisciplinary artists, explores through performances--physical, musical and visual--controversial issues impacting the global community. The company's "projects" create experiences that form a new aesthetic in dance theater reflective of the diverse Latina culture of today, shedding light and provoking reflections that can bring about changes tomorrow.
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